Subject Introduction: Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708)

Our Instructional Designer at Alt

Ali Anwerzada, one of our instructional designers at Alt, is one of the founding members of Cedar College and The Ivy School. He also heads the Economics Department at Cedar. Prior to Cedar, Ali has taught at the Lyceum, Nixor and Southshore College. Ali has a keen interest in the impact of quality early childhood education on economic outcomes, particularly early childhood interventions that influence educational attainment and employment in later life.

Ali possesses a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. Earlier, he received his MBA and Undergraduate degree from the Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Subject Introduction

Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (9708) is a course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of economic principles, theories, and concepts. It aims to develop students' analytical thinking, critical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities, while nurturing their understanding of the economic forces that shape societies and the global economy.

AS & A Level Economics (9708) introduces students to fundamental concepts in economics, including supply and demand, market structures, price determination, macroeconomic indicators, international trade, economic growth, and development. Students will explore topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and the role of government in managing economic systems. They will gain a deep understanding of the principles that underpin economic behavior and decision-making.

The course provides a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. Students will learn how to apply economic theories and models to analyze real-world economic issues and policies. They will develop skills in data interpretation, economic reasoning, and the evaluation of economic arguments. They will also engage in critical analysis of economic data, case studies, and economic policies, enhancing their ability to make informed judgments about economic outcomes.

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think critically about economic issues from multiple perspectives. They will explore the social, environmental, and ethical dimensions of economic decisions, considering the impact on individuals, communities, and nations. They will also develop an understanding of the global nature of economics, examining international trade, economic integration, and the challenges and opportunities of global economic interdependence.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics prepares students for further studies or careers in fields such as economics, business, finance, international relations, and public policy. It equips them with valuable skills, including economic analysis, data interpretation, critical thinking, and communication, which are highly sought after in various sectors. This subject fosters an appreciation for the complexities of economic systems and encourages students to engage in informed discussions and contribute to the shaping of economic policies that promote sustainable development and welfare.

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