Subject Introduction: Cambridge International AS & A Level Business (9609)

Our Instructional Designer at Alt

Yawer Hussain, our esteemed ID (Instructional Designer) specializing in O & A Level Business. With a Bachelors' degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Waterloo, Yawer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With over 5 years of hands-on experience in the financial sector, working with renowned institutions such as UBL Bank and the JS group, Yawer has honed his skills in financial investment management, advisory services, and portfolio management for both individuals and corporates.

Drawing from his real-world experience, Yawer embarked on a fulfilling teaching journey as an A Level Business instructor at Cedar College, one of Karachi's leading A Level institutes. Today, his passion for education and commitment to empowering students make him the perfect choice as our expert Instructional Designer for A Level Business at Alt Academy.

Our learners benefit from his unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, and gain a competitive edge in your O & A Level Business studies. Get ready to excel under the guidance of an exceptional educator and industry expert!

What to expect

Cambridge International AS & A Level Business (9609) is a course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles, theories, and practices. It aims to develop students' analytical thinking, decision-making abilities, and entrepreneurial skills, while nurturing their understanding of the dynamic and global nature of the business world.

This subject introduces students to fundamental concepts in business, including the nature of business, different types of organizations, functions within a business, and the external factors that influence business operations. Students will explore topics such as marketing, finance, human resource management, operations management, and strategic management, gaining a holistic understanding of how businesses operate and make decisions.

The course provides a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. Students will learn how to analyze business situations, evaluate business performance, and make informed business decisions. They will also develop practical skills through case studies, simulations, and real-world examples, allowing them to apply business concepts to practical scenarios and develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to think critically about ethical, social, and environmental issues in business. They will develop an understanding of the role of business in society and the impact of business decisions on various stakeholders. They will also explore the global nature of business, considering international trade, globalization, and the challenges and opportunities of operating in diverse cultural and economic contexts.

Cambridge International AS & A Level Business prepares students for further studies or careers in fields such as business administration, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and consulting. It equips them with valuable skills, including data analysis, strategic thinking, communication, and teamwork, which are highly transferable across various industries. This subject fosters an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging students to identify and pursue business opportunities, innovate, and contribute to the sustainable development of economies and societies.

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Cambridge International AS & A Level Business (9609)

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