How to get started with Alt, in just 4 simple steps!

Unlock the Alt experience!

The following 4 steps are all that you need to do to get started

1. Sign up

From the main landing page, click on start now to view our plans which are broken down in monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

2. Select the subscription that best suits you and your needs

To make the choice easier for you, we also have a comparison of our plans on the pricing page. To view it, all you have to do is scroll down.

This is what the comparison looks like ⬇️

3. Click on Get Started for the plan best suitable to you and review your cart.

Here, you can also apply a coupon code if you have one and continue proceeding towards check out.

Please take note that when applying a coupon code, it will only provide a discount for your initial purchase and cannot be used for subsequent purchases.

4. Last step — Add in your customer information & billing details.

After adding your customer information, scrolling down on the same page your next step will be your payment details. 💳

Note; If even after you’ve added in your payment details, you’re still unable to checkout and your order does not get processed, it can mean either of the following things;

  1. You need to re-check your card details and make sure they’re correct, or
  2. Maybe the card you’ve entered does not have sufficient balance/has been maxed out.

But, no need to worry 🤗 What you can do in this instance, is reach out to us via the chatbot in the lower right corner, communicate the problem you’re facing and be provided with two quick solutions:

  1. IBFT (for learners in Pakistan 🇵🇰), or
  2. Overseas bank details for our learners located in any part of the world 🌎

Now, after you’ve completed these 4 easy steps, you will receive both your subscription invoice, as well as a subscription confirmation via email. So - keep an eye out for the notification 📩

Now have access to Alt Academy as a Plus user, which means you get unlimited access, anytime, anywhere :)

For any questions, feel free to start a chat with the chat bot, or reach out to us at [email protected].

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