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Video Lessons

Designed & developed by subject matter experts, these are carefully created instructional videos that cover the entire course curriculum. Each video lesson is designed to be concise, lasting no more than 15 minutes, making them comprehensive, engaging and easy to remember.

Subject Notes

Our subject notes are meticulously crafted, well-structured educational resources, that provide an in-depth understanding of complex concepts. Each set of notes is designed with precision, drawing from the latest course materials to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Solve with us


Integrated within our video lessons, these MCQs are a valuable tool for evaluating your grasp of essential lesson objectives. They enable you to gauge your understanding of key concepts presented in the videos, and emphasise the need of revisiting any topics that may require reinforcement.


Our end of chapter worksheets are designed to strengthen your understanding & retention of the concepts you've acquired. They are thoughtfully crafted by gathering questions from diverse sources, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.

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24/7 Tutor-led Support

Whether you’re struggling with a challenging past-paper, a specific chapter, need help structuring answers or organising your exam prep — our team of subject gurus are available around the clock to provide expert support.

Global Community

You have the opportunity to effortlessly connect with both peers from around the world, and Team Alt. All at your ease, anytime, anywhere. Share thoughts, interests, resources or seek advice — the possibilities are boundless!

Revise with us


These are brilliant for on-the-go revision. They’re designed to help you breeze through key-concepts and nail your last-minute exam preparation. Whether you’re revising in the car, on your way to class or right before a test — flip through our flashcards and revise with ease.

Revision Guides

Our revision guides are carefully designed to enhance and streamline your study process to drive academic excellence. Say farewell to time consuming note-taking for last-minute revision, and embrace efficient studying with our invaluable resources.

Prep with us

CAIE Past Paper Solutions

Designed to provide you detailed explanations beyond the standard marking schemes, our past paper solutions provide comprehensive and in-depth answers for all questions, covering the past five years of examinations — every season, every variant.

Past Paper Video Solutions

To further enhance your exam preparation with expert support, we’ve shared video solutions of real-time past paper solving sessions. These are conducted by our subject matter experts, and equip you with valuable tips, and unique exam strategies that you wouldn’t typically find elsewhere.